Maver 619 Competition 150m

75 kr110 kr

Lina framtagen för polefishing perfekt till tackel och tafs.

0,104 mm. 1,0/2,0 kg
0,128 mm. 1,4/3,0 kg
0,148 mm. 1,9/4,0 kg
0,165 mm. 2,4/5,0 kg
0,185 mm. 3,0/6,0 kg
0,205 mm. 3,8/8,0 kg

The monophilament 619, specifically studied for the realization of the mainline for the poles, is the top series for this category of monophilment. Superlative the strength , resistance on the knots without limits, abrasion resistance and also resistance for the slides of the little leads on the same lines. These are the best characters of this monophilament, selected in Japan after many and important tests. The superficial treatment gives to this line a great resistance force that maintains the mechanic characteristics till the 95% also after 10 hours of water immersion. A super product for the angler who desires simply the top. Available in spools of 150 or 500 meters.


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0,104 mm, 0,128 mm, 0,148 mm, 0,165 mm, 0,185 mm, 0,205 mm