Colmic F1 Spider 100m

88 kr

This premier line developed by Jacopo Falsini and the Colmic team is best used as a main line in match fishing. Designed for competition, it is marketed by Colmic in order to satisfy the most demanding of anglers. AS in all top-level sports, all innovations are developed prior to being launched as top of range and we have spent some time in developing this product. This monofilament combines the NXGEN polymer with top quality. The result being the most specific nylon for match fishing and commercial fisheries.

0,152 mm 3,35 kg
0,168 mm 4,05 kg
0,188 mm 5,2 kg
0,209 mm 6,2 kg
0,229 mm 7,5 kg


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0,152 mm, 0,168 mm, 0,188 mm, 0,209 mm, 0,229 mm