Maver Medusa Carpodrome 150m

69 kr

Fantastisk superstark japansk lina, perfekt för tuffa tag.

0,156 mm. 2,8/5,7 kg
0,184 mm. 4,1/8,2 kg
0,211 mm. 5,8/11,6 kg
0,244 mm. 7,20/14,4 kg

A monophilament specifically studied for the carpodrome, when the anglers have got the necessity of a great resistance monophilament, really really good for the creation of mainline or direct lines(without hooklinks. This line, made in Japan, was chosen for its characters of great linear and knot resistance, indispensable characetristics for this kind of fishing. The superficial coating increases a lot the abrasion resistance and again the resistance for the slides of the little leads on the same line . A specific product really fantastic.


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0,156 mm, 0,184 mm, 0,211 mm, 0,244 mm