MVDE Pro Pellet Feed

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Our new commercial/lake mix Pro Pellet Feed consists of specifically selected pellets and some sweet ingredients that ensure that the mix has a binding/sticky characteristics. So let the mix absorb enough water.

** Preparation ideal for coarse fishing: because the mix has a binding/sticky characteristics, we advise to use per 3 parts of groundbait (= +/- 1 kg groundbait), 1 part water (is +/- 0.5 – 0, 6 litres of water). If the weather is dryer or it is quite warm, you can always add a little extra water.

The reason why we advise to mix the groundbait in three stages is because this way it has enough time to absorb the water and become soft. Let the mix rest for 5 minutes for each time you add water, after which you can let the groundbait go through the sieve.

Do not be surprised if you think that the groundbait may feel a bit too dry at first, because just after sieving you will be able to mix the wetter parts of the groundbait components well with the dryer parts.

If you add too much water to a binding/sticky mix at once you will have more work to finish as it will form one paste.

What is the ideal groundbait ball for us now? However, the ball that sticks enough to go down and, once on the bottom, crumbles quickly. This prevents the fish from swallowing the ball of groundbait and swimming away thereafter.

When will you know if your groundbait is ready? If you can squeeze a ball from your groundbait, and when you rub the ball back apart where no remnants stick to your hands, it is good.

For bream fishing we would rather work with larger groundbait balls where you feed heavily in the beginning and then cup a ball after each bite. In this way we try to lure the bream shoal and keep it around our swim.

For carp fishing we will rather work with small balls, do not prefeed too much and cup a small ball per bite.

Do you want to use this mix for the Method? That is possible, but then it is best to make it slightly wetter during the preparation.

The Pro Pellet feed has a slightl, sweet fishmeal scent, is not too coarse and gives a light cloud.

The product can be used on it’s own, or can also be mixed with: Big Fish 1 kg, Expanda fishmeal 1 kg, Expanda Big Fish 1 kg or yellow lake 1 kg.

Tip: For targeting bigger fish, use the liquid booster Shell Fish or Meat by adding some to the water of your groundbait. If you want to use a liquid booster for more all-round fishing, it is best to use Liquid booster Chocolate, Scopex, or Syrup. Add Simply 1 Lid of Liquid booster for each 50 gram of products to your preparation water (our Liquid boosters are quite strong but you are free to add more).

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