Colmic Next Adventure 3-delat 3,6m-3,9m

1,560 kr1,975 kr

With the addiction of these new prestigious rods the Next Adventure rod series will be completed by 12’ and 13’ rods 3 pieces rods, a perfect sinergy between rods and fisherman. The casting power will perfectly match the power of the rods; a delightful true action from tip to butt; the perfect sensibility will allow to transmit even the gentlest bites to the fisherman and they guarantee an unbelivebeable strenghtness. All this features will perfectly allow a light approach even on the biggest fish with plenty of reserve power to handle them comfortably.

The Next Adventure S3 120 grams rods are the big guns of the series. Expressly developed to fish for big fish, the two available rod lenghts of 3,90 and 4,20 mts will perform at their best in fast currents and large rivers fishing for strong fish like big barbels or more and more common Clarius

3,6m/18mm, 3-delad + 3 60gr 228gr
3,9m/18mm, 3-delad + 3 90gr 260gr
3,9m/18mm, 3-delad + 3 120gr 280gr

Serie med liten diameter och makalös ryggrad, transportlängd 132, 135 resp 135 cm.


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3,6 m, 3,9 m 90 g, 3,9 m 120 g