Colmic Kabal Feeder 3,6m

The Kabal series includes different rods, which differ in length (from 3.60mt to 4.20mt) and casting range (from 30gr to 160gr). Kabal series are very interesting rods in all respects, stiff and yet handy, strong but well balanced. Given their flexibility and variety the Kabal rods are certainly able to meet all your fishing needs and they are all suitable both for salt and fresh water. This superb rod it comes equipped with a neoprene cover on the cork handle and 3 exchangeable tips.

3,6m KABAL FEEDER 3-delad 3 st toppar 30-80gr 300gr
3,6m KABAL FEEDER 3-delad 3 st toppar 50-120gr 320gr
Transportlängd 126 resp 128 cm / 1 carbon + 2 glasfibertoppar.

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