MVDE Skimmer

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This groundbait has been developed for angling on lakes or other types of still waters. It is a light (to semi) active groundbait that has a medium coarse consistency. This groundbait is suitable for both summer and winter fishing, but will be slightly more effective in the warmer periods. It has a vanilla scent as the main fragrance and tastes slightly sweet. It attracts all types of fish and depending on what product you can attach your focus or your fishing.

For Medium pace rivers, slightly over wet the groundbait and add 2 kg of VDE Damp Leam. This makes the groundbait heavier, but lets it break down very quickly.

The main thing we can advise you to do when preparing your groundbait is to take your time when moistening groundbait. The ‘three times regime’ gives the groundbait plenty of time to absorb all liquids and reach the required consistency.



Add the contents of the bag to an equal amount of white breadcrumbs/Polenta (coarse), add water to the desired moisture level and mix well. Then add 2 to 3 handfuls of sifted light leam, possibly with live bait (bloodworm, joker or maggots). Mix thoroughly and immediately throw everything in the desired place.

All round:

1 kg Skimmer Mix + 0,5 kg Big fish 1 kg + 100 gram brasem caramel

Ondiep water:

1 kg Skimmer Mix + 1kg Paneermeel wit + (2a3 grepen leem) + brasem caramel

1 kg skimmer mix  + 0,5 kg BEET (of kastaar)  + 125 gram Bream Caramel

Diep water:

1 Kg Skimmer Mix + 2 kg VDE damp Leam + 125 gram Bream Caramel

1 kg skimmer mix  + 0,5 kg Record Sweet  + 125 gram Bream Caramel  (+ VDE damp Leam)


1 kg Skimmer Mix + 1 kg Expanda Caramel (of een ander type van de range)

1 kg Skimmer Mix + 1 kg Sweet Fishmeal F1

1 kg Skimmer Mix + 1 kg Expanda Gold


1 kg Skimmer Mix + 1 kg carassio

Ytterligare information


1 kg, 12×1 kg, 12×1 kg – Förorder senast 28/2 för leverans under april, 6×1 kg