MVDE Elite Pellet

70 kr696 kr

Mångsidiga pellets för större karpfisk i fyra storlekar, 3,0 mm, 4,5 mm, 6,0 mm och 8,0 mm.



Pellets…. who doesn’t use them nowadays? Following on from the famous Elite pellet of the past, the firm Van Den Eynde has developed a new pellet specifically for modern angling methods and pond techniques.

At Van Den Eynde, the focus was on the development of a pellet that, in addition to its ’all round’ applicability, is also very easy to prepare and easy to use.

And they succeeded! A sinking pellet that can be used dry, as an extruder or even as an expander, just brilliant! Last but not least, you can simply prep the pellets without having to use a pellet pump!

Therefore, the pellet soon received the All-in-One pellet designation and depending on the preparation method, we gave it additional names such as softie or expander! Here is an overview of the characteristics of these exclusive pellets:

Do not tear
Stay well on the hook
Stay firmly in the bait band
Stay sinking
Do not fade
No need to pump

Due to the versatile applications that are possible with this new VDE ELITE PELLET, we will give you a brief overview:

TIP 1: The use of fizzy water on the VDE Elite pellet will cause a reaction with one of the ingredients, this will cause the air to be drawn out of the pellet, resulting in an ideal expander pellet.

TIP 2: For every 50 grams of pellets, add 1 bottle cap of Liquid booster additive to the water you use for the pellets. Due to the structure and treatment method, this pellet can also be easily boosted, allowing every angler to add their personal flavour and scent, both during and after preparation! In this way, everyone can get to the waterfront with a ”different/own” pellet.

The range of liquid boosters at Van Den Eynde is very wide so there is something for everyone: Scopex, Strawberry, Shell Fish, Meat, Chicken, Vanilla Cream….

EXTRA: You can also choose to make a preparation based on one part expander and one part water. Store it in a tightly closed plastic bag until you reach the water’s edge!

As a softie-extruder: the evening before fishing, just submerge the pellets in water for a while, then pour them off through a colander and let them soften overnight in a closed container.

As a hard pellet in the bait band: let the pellets soak for 10 minutes at the water’s edge and pour them off. Perfectly ready to use in no time and with the use of a Bait Band Tool right on your hook!

Due to its structure and treatment method, this pellet lends itself perfectly to ”boosting”, allowing each angler to add his personal flavour and scent, both during and after preparation! This way everyone can get to the waterfront with a ”different” pellet.

To conclude

One last tip! Don’t throw away your softies after the fishing day! Just cover them with a damp paper towel and keep them in the fridge for your next fishing day! We wish you a lot of fishing and catching pleasure with these revolutionary pellets!

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