Mvde Carp Aminozuren

59 kr

The team of Marcel Van Den Eynde has decided to expand the amino acids in it’s range. Amino acids are a very interesting added value to your bait mixture. We noticed in our test reports that amino acids only had the attention of the carp and some breams, but not of the roaches.

We wondered why this is so popular with carp and some breams. Amino acids are building materials for proteins and therefore form a good building material for the fish’s body. fish can detect or better observe amino acids and therefore looks for food sources from which they can signal that this food source is instinctively good for their body.

It is common knowledge that fish have one of the most sensitive noses and we have even learned that fish can smell 8 nanograms of amino acid per liter, which is comparable to a teaspoon of sugar in an Olympic swimming pool.

Because of this detection, we decided to perfect our amino acids range with a certain scent addition (lacto, strawberry and vanilla).


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