MVDE Breamo Mix Black

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This groundbait mix is quite fine, a little bit sticky and creates a small cloud.

This mix mainly consists of corn related products that are specifically used for bream fishing. We have chosen not to add a specific aroma to this groundbait, because this mix contains special ingredients that will attract fish. Which is an advantage because in that way can the angler choose for themselves which additive they want to put in the mix (bream caramel, vanilla, strawberry, big fish…) And to adjust it to their own desire.

We have noted that it is best not to mix this groundbait with herb/spicy products. .

We have produced this groundbait in 2 colours, yellow and black. This can also be found in a separate packaging, due to the ever-increasing trend of the use of black baits on the canals, you will find the BREAMO MIX BLACK in the “MARCEL LEGENDS MAKE LEGENDS” packaging. We have given it a yellow colour for the lake version and you can find it in the “LAKE” packaging.

The composition is irresistible to bream and skimmers, you will also be able to attract the larger specimens with this product.

It is best to moisten the mix in 3 times, it is recommended to add water each time instead of adding the water in 1 x. This way you get the best possible end result.


Bream fishing:

2 kg Breamo Mix + 1 kg super cup

2 kg Breamo Mix + 2 kg damp leam

1 kg Breamo Mix + 1 kg Record Silver + 1 kg Damp leam (heavy mix)

All round:

2kg Turbo + 1kg Breamo mix

More active/working feed:

1kg Breamo mix + 1kg Yellow lake 2 kg mix.

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