Maver Evo Green Power

4,550 kr

The Green Power Evo bolo was for us really a super satisfaction, for us as for all the anglers who have chosen
them for their fishing sessions! Now we want to evolve and increase the performances of a project that seem to
be already perfect: using the same best quality carbon fibers, we have used newest resins and totally the best
technology innovation from the Reglass company in term of impregnation! The result is a super reactive rod and
stiffer in the first 3 elements with an high strength force in the whole blank. The perfect bolo for fish in the sea
from harbors and rocks but also for the fishing sessions in the freshwater catching big fishes where you need a
light weight balanced tackle but really strong and reliable in the meanwhile. A medium action rod but the weight of
a light one! It is able to manage floats till 10 grams and hooklinks till 0,16mm diameter.The wrapped version, from
Maver company, will fit all the Fuji K guides.

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