MVDE Feeder Gold 30028-1-1

52 kr552 kr

This is a product that has been developed and inspired for the southern waters of Europe. The mix is a very rich mix that is not really a typical feeder mix but can be used well provided that the correct moistening method is used (three times rule at least).

The product is ideally suited to use cutter ants in it and for the deeper waters.

In the mix, we have chosen to provide it with quite a lot of ground seeds, making it coarse. As far as we know, the product is quite all-round and can be used at any time of the year. The mix gets clearly improved results when combined with Brasem T or Brasem Caramel.

The mix can be perfectly combined with the following products: Feeder Bream, Feeder Turbo, G5…

For deep water and far cast: 1 part Feeder Gold, 1 part Record weet and 0,5 part Polenta coarse + some sinking crumbs yellow and red.

** The wetting method is cruscial, make the baits 1 night in advance or use the three times rule.