Colmic X5000 150m

88 kr

The X5000 is a “clear” monofilament treated with the special “fluorine process” and is suitable for the most varied of technical circumstances and fishing styles. A great line on the reel for spinning, bolognese, lake trout, and surfcasting, but just as good for constructing lines for coarse fishing, for surfcasting, and for rod trolling. A superior-quality, universal nylon.

0,10mm 1,38 kg
0,12mm 2,29 kg
0,14mm 2,85 kg
0,16mm 3,98 kg
0,18mm 5,05 kg
0,20mm 6,20 kg
0,22mm 7,50 kg


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0,10 mm, 0,12 mm, 0,14 mm, 0,16 mm, 0,18 mm, 0,20 mm, 0,22 mm