Colmic Steel Resistance 150m

78 kr98 kr

This is the ultimate combination of versatility and quality without compromise. The NXGEN FLUOTEC compounded with quality materials offers these acknowledged features. Knot strength resistance, abrasion resistance, and lack of memory. This line is a perfect reel line, and for any use where top quality attributes are required.

Extra stark lina perfekt för rullen vid haspel och spinnfiske samt för specimenmete.

0,16mm. 3,8 kg
0,18mm. 4,9 kg
0,20mm. 6,0 kg
0,22mm. 7,4 kg
0,25mm. 8,9 kg
0,30mm. 14,9 kg

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0,16 mm, 0,18 mm, 0,20 mm, 0,22 mm, 0,25 mm, 0,30mm