Colmic Rider Carp Keepnet

880 kr980 kr

Rektangulär 4,0 m. 10 ringar, 52×42 cm sen 50×40 cm.
Rund 3,5 m. 9 ringar överst 55 cm sen 45 cm

New series of keepnets perfectly suited for competitions. Available in both round and square shaped versions, they are manufactured with a nylon micro-mesh, synonymous with lightness and quick drying. Each ring has been covered in double fabric binding to avoid deterioration of both the net and the rings, at the points of greatest contact. The rings have been made with a non-deformable ultra-light and ultra-resistant metal alloy, treated to prevent rusting and corrosion. All the keepnets in this series are equipped with the new “Easy stop” angle and lock system which is even more practical and durable. Colmic’s renowned quality right down to the smallest detail.


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Rekt. 4,0 m, Rund 3,5 m