Colmic Next Adventure 2-delat 3,0-3,9m

1,220 kr

This rod is developed with the competition fishing and long range casting in mind, where accuracy is required, a must in feeder fishing. A totally reliable 12 feet rod, built with high quality materials, very sensible and fast responding even to the slightest bites and allowing a controlled flex during the fight and loading the entire blank.

3,0m/11mm, 2-delad + 3 st 35gr 157gr
3,3m/11mm, 2-delad + 3 st 45gr 173gr
3,6m/12mm, 2-delad + 2 carb.+1 glf 60gr 186gr
3,9m/13mm, 2-delad + 3 st 90gr 226gr

Serie med liten diameter och makalös ryggrad, transportlängd 159, 169, 185 resp 186 cm.


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3,0 m, 3,3 m, 3,6 m, 3,9 m