Colmic Electro Match 2-delat 3,3-3,6m

955 kr1,065 kr

New top performing two pieces Waggler Rods. The new ELECTRO MATC H are available in two different casting weight, the MEDIUM FORCE and the POWER FORCE to perfectly suit all the different fishing situations. The MEDIOUM FORCE is available in three different lengths (3,00—3,30—3,60 Mts), will suit more delicate fishing thanks to its progressive action and will allow to fish thin hook lengths avoiding striking break downs of the tippet. The more powerful POWER FORCE are available in two different lengths (3,30—3,60 Mts) and will suit heavy duty fishing like big carps fisheries where a more powerful rod is required or when a more powerful casting rod is required. The performance of both the rod series is excellent, the blank action is fluid and progressive thanks to two pieces configuration. Made of high modulus U.L.A.F. and PRO FORCE CARBON, equipped with high quality components.

3,6 m/13 mm. 5-20 g. 195 g.
3,6 m/13 mm. 3-15 g. 160 g.
3,3 m/12 mm. 3-15 g. 175 g.
3,3 m/12 mm. 5-20 g. 180 g.

Transportlängd 185 resp 169 cm.


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3,3 m 3-15 g, 3,6 m 3-15 g