Colmic Tesla

8,000 kr



4 LEGS 36 mm
Ergonomic Seat
1 Underseat Box 37 x 25,5 x 2.5 cm
2 Frontal Drawer 29.5 x 18 x 3.5 cm
1 Underdrawer Box 40 x 28 x 3 cm
1 RBS Holder
In the new Tesla, each of the four Ø36mm legs can be put into position quickly at the turn of a single knob. In fact, thanks to an innovative Colmic patented crosspiece (Ultra Fast Regulation System), the Ø36mm leg remains fixed on the structure of the basket and it is only the telescopic
interior that moves, with further advantages as listed below.

Extreme speed in adjusting the position of the seat box on the ground.

There is no need to rearrange or adjust the position of the accessories attached to the Ø36mm legs as they always remain fixed in the same position. Minimum Ground Height We have eliminated the old knob to adjust the telescopic interior on the leg and have thus obtained a distance of only 10cm between the ground and base of the platform.

This benefits the visuals and fishing as a whole, as being close to the water rather than at a substantial elevation brings complication-free benefits.

High Float Visibility
What does sitting on a seat box much closer to the ground ultimately entail?

The angle between the angler’s eyes and the float is reduced by a good 12%, which also reduces the refractive effect caused by the light and the surface of the water. All this leads to greater visibility of everything that emerges from the water and therefore also of very
thin antennas such as those used very often.

In addition to all these technical features, the Tesla has also been redesigned in terms of its structure in an attempt to minimise weight and unnecessary manufacturing. Fast Assembly and Minimal Welding. Feet made of robust plastic instead of metal provide the same characteristics but with a lower weight.

New Side Casings to Support the Structure. A new ergonomic, lowered seat made of ultra-light foam closes the circle on the whole issue of minimum ground height. And, finally, a look that no one can fail to notice. This is Tesla.

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