MVDE Liquid Aroma 500 ml

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Our liquid additives are aroma rich and really come into their own in your feed. Liquid aroma additives are high-quality products containing very powerful raw materials. Remember therefore: “less is more”.

The effect of liquid aromas is that they bind the used bait more and “saturate” it more, too. This saturating effect is the result of the correctly balanced raw materials with the correct ratio of aroma and sweeteners.  

The extent to which people use these additives is a matter of personal choice. We recommend that the contents of one bottle are plenty for 4 to 5 kg. of dry bait.

The best way to add liquid additives is by mixing them with the water you are using to moisten your bait. If you use lukewarm water, it will release the additives’ contents better.

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Carp, Roach, Bream, Big Fish, Caramel, Melasse