Maver Jurassic MX5 6,0-7,0m

Extra starkt, styvt och lätt. Klarar stor fisk.
6,0 m, 23/300 g, Beställningsvara 1.170 kr
7,0 m, 26/420 g, Beställningsvara 2.370 kr
Transportlängd 145 cm och 150 cm.

We decided to give a new design to a rod that is from many
seasons a stronghold through our stiff and strong bolognese
rods: our Jurassic MX5.
It manteins and exalts all the caracters of the last one, stiff,
strong and reliable is perfect for be used in the sea and in the
river for big and fighting fishes. Beautiful also the finishings for
an inoxidizable product!

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