Maver Diamond Feeder 3-del 3,6-4,2m

1,595 kr1,695 kr

3-del +3 toppar kork/foam, lätt slimmat förstärkt i holkar.

3,6 m. Max 90 g. 15/sic. 200 g. 13 mm. Transportlängd 120 cm.
3,9 m. Max 120 g. 16/sic. 200 g. 14 mm. Transportlängd 130 cm.
4,2 m. Max 140 g. 16/sic. 200 g. 15 mm. Transportlängd 140 cm. Beställningsvara 1795 kr.

The series Diamond Feeder 3 is expressly studied for the
long casting fishing but it manteins ever the own feeling of this
series.The series is composed by two 12 ft rods, two 13ft rods
and one 14ft for cover at the maximum level all the market
needs. the 14 ft model is ideal also for fishing in the rivers with
the rod positioned in up position. the tips of this series are all
interchangebles with all the models diamond feeder 3 and are
also available separately.

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3,6 m, 3,9 m, 4,2 m