Maver Diamond Feeder 2-del 3,3-3,6m

2-del + 3 toppar kork/foam, Lätt slimmat förstärkt i holkar.

3,3 m. 14/sic, 200 g, 12 mm. Max 60 g. Transportlängd 165 cm. Beställningsvara 1595 kr.
3,6 m. 14/sic, 200 g, 12 mm. Max 70 g. Transportlängd 180 cm. Beställningsvara 1695 kr.

The Diamond series is synonim of the top level quality for
the english match rods in 3 pieces, and now it riches itself
with a feeder series of very beautiful and top level quality
rods. The design is very accurated and the action of theese
rod is the best possible. The series is composed by rods in
two and 3 pieces for cover all the needs of feeder fishing.
the series in 2 pieces is composed by a 9 feets rod, a 10.6
feets rod and one 12 ft with the classic parabolic progressive
english action with the maximum casting of 70gr for the
same 12 ft rod.
This model is ideal also for fishing with light hooklinks for
the softness of its curve action but for the power expressed
by the first part of the same rod it can fight very well also
with big catches.
Three tips for every rod, interchangebles on every model in
the same 2 pieces series and available also separately.


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3,3 m, 3,6 m